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MC600 2 years standby GPS tracker

The MC600 is a 2 years battery life GPS tracker, use special Lithium-ion phosphate battery 6000mah, in sleep working mode ( 1 report per day),  power consumption can be as low as 28μA. It can be switched to normal tracking mode by GPRS/SMS command remotely if user need a frequent location of the target. Cigaratte box size, easy to carry in pocket.  MC600 also be used for wild animals, monitoring migrating lives. MC600 support AGPS indoor location.


- GSM 850/900/1800/1900 worldwide network

- Ublox-7010ST chip,high sensitive -159db.

- Support GPRS/SMS mode

- Support indoor AGPS

- Smart sleep mode

- USB Setup/Upgrade firmware


- Fixed time report

-Working mode:

1: Tracking mode ( GPS/GPRS always on)

[ Battery life about 15 days]

2: Power saving mode ( AGPS data by time interval, usually 1 report / per hour

[ Battery life about 60 days]

3. Sleep mode ( AGPS location constantly open by time interval, usually 1 report / per day,

GPS only open by SMS command. ) [ Battery life about 2 years]

4.Standby mode [ Battery life about  3 years ]

- Report by: Time / Coordinates / Heading / Speed / Mileage / Battery / AGPS data


- Low battery alarm


- Remote Control device reporting

- Remote Configure, require parameters

- Remote OTA upgrade firmware

Standard Package: Main unit, USB cable, Charger

Optional: USB Setup cable

Supportive network: